Clemens Ready To Gamble on American People Being Naive

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Roger Clemens is ready to face questions that he hoped he would forever avoid. One of the best pitchers of this, or any, generation, faces the new year with questions swirling about his alleged steroid use.

Clemens had been able to avoid the steroid cloud that many other major league ballplayers had been underneath. Now, after the Mitchell Investigation became public, he will have to answer questions.

Tonight, some of those questions will be answered by Clemens on Sixty Minutes. While he will undoubtedly deny steroid use, the burden of proof has now been shifted to him. People no longer will just take his word.

Clemens would like to believe that Americans will be naive enough to just accept what he says as the truth. That truth, however, will be tested if Clemens decides to talk to congress about the issue, and not Mike Wallace.

In Wallace, Clemens has a platform to say what he wants, with no consequence. When Congress comes calling in a few months, lying will not be as easy. Barry Bonds is finding out the hard way that lying to Congress will eventually catch up to you.

So while some of America will watch tonight, and form opinions, most will not give much credence to what Clemens will say tonight. The average American is smarter than Clemens is banking on, and for those with a working brain, it is not hard to deduct that if Clemens’ best friend Andy Pettite was taking steroids, Clemens most likely was right there with him.

So enjoy your act tonight Roger, and us Americans that doubt you will be looking to your day in court, when the stakes will be much greater for the lies you appear ready to spill.

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