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College Football Playoff Not The Answer For This Year’s Mediocre Teams

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College Football fans around the country are having a field day with the BCS this week. Fans of some of the teams that were left out of the BCS title game will quickly point to a playoff system as the answer.

This season, though, a playoff system would have been a less than appetizing finish to a year that has already seen enough bad football.

The two teams playing in the title game, Ohio State and LSU, both have a much longer list of reasons they should not be in the championship game, then why they should.

Yet they are both playing for the biggest team prize in college football.

So if the two teams playing do not belong there, then who would want to see a team such as Virginia Tech, who was embarrassed by LSU early in the year, playing for a title.

Or how about Missouri, who has twice lost to Big Twelve champion Oklahoma. The Sooners, by the way, took their own embarrassing defeat to a bad Colorado team.

The examples are endless, but the bottom line is this, the Buckeyes and the Tigers are playing for the title because they are the best of the mediocre college football teams this year.

A playoff would not solve anything other than showing which of the top four, or eight, or ten, teams in the country can make the least amount of mistakes during the playoff.

The quicker one of these irrelevant football teams wins the title this year, the better. A playoff system would only drag out a season that has been a disappointment.

The season itself has been excitement enough, and since no team rightfully deserves a national championship this year, play the game, crown the champion, and wake me up when its all over.

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