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Casino Sports Books Brace For Biggest Gambling Day of The Year

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The lead up to this years Super Bowl is just about over and as the New England Patriots and New York Giants face final preparations, sports books brace for what will be the most gambled on Super Bowl ever.

It used to be easy for sports books. Not enough gamblers were educated enough to use their heads when placing bets on football games.

That has all changed now. If ever there was an indication of how knowledgeable gamblers have become, it is this years Super Bowl.

The New York Giants come into the game having already lost to the Patriots. They are twelve point underdogs, and by many people’s accounts, should not be representing the NFC in this game.

Oh, did I mention New England has not lost a game this season and is trying to complete only the second perfect season in league history? So, it is only logical that earlier in the week, almost seventy five percent of the money being gambled at a popular Las Vegas sports book was being laid on the Giants.

Imagine, the time has come that the favorite seems like such a lock, that gamblers are out thinking themselves, and going with the underdog.

So in this final column before the big game, a prediction must be made. While it is evident the Patriots have not played up to their perfect standards in recent weeks. And while the Giants are riding a wave of momentum.

This one seems easy to call. The general public is wrong once again. Tom Brady and bunch get their perfect season. The sports books clean house with the favorite, and the Patriots win the game, 45-17.

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