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Casino Sports Books Brace For Biggest Gambling Day of The Year

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The lead up to this years Super Bowl is just about over and as the New England Patriots and New York Giants face final preparations, sports books brace for what will be the most gambled on Super Bowl ever.

It used to be easy for sports books. Not enough gamblers were educated enough to use their heads when placing bets on football games.

That has all changed now. If ever there was an indication of how knowledgeable gamblers have become, it is this years Super Bowl.

The New York Giants come into the game having already lost to the Patriots. They are twelve point underdogs, and by many people’s accounts, should not be representing the NFC in this game.

Oh, did I mention New England has not lost a game this season and is trying to complete only the second perfect season in league history? So, it is only logical that earlier in the week, almost seventy five percent of the money being gambled at a popular Las Vegas sports book was being laid on the Giants.

Imagine, the time has come that the favorite seems like such a lock, that gamblers are out thinking themselves, and going with the underdog.

So in this final column before the big game, a prediction must be made. While it is evident the Patriots have not played up to their perfect standards in recent weeks. And while the Giants are riding a wave of momentum.

This one seems easy to call. The general public is wrong once again. Tom Brady and bunch get their perfect season. The sports books clean house with the favorite, and the Patriots win the game, 45-17.

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College Football BCS Wagering Shifts To the Orange Bowl

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The BCS was put into place to create the best match ups. Match ups of teams that were so evenly talented that it could be a toss up who would win the games. In that regard, the BCS has failed miserably this year.

Tonight, the Orange Bowl takes center stage. It will try to do something none of its BCS equals has been able to accomplish. Produce a competitive game.

So far this BCS season, there have been several BCS games. The Sugar Bowl was a blowout, with Georgia routing the only undefeated team in Division 1 football, Hawaii. Earlier that day in the Rose Bowl, USC showed its powers by blasting over matched Illinois.

Last night, in the Fiesta Bowl, West Virginia, a team playing without their former head coach Rich Rodriguez, surprisingly blew out Oklahoma.

Now along comes the Orange Bowl, and Virginia Tech and Kansas. The Hokies and the Jayhawks will try and produce the kind of excitement that was expected from this bowl season. If they fail to do that, only Ohio State and LSU in the national championship will be left to save the BCS.

The betting line for tonight’s game is Virginia Tech minus three. The total is fifty one.

NFL Betting Odds: Jaguars Over Steelers, Seahawks Over Redskins

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The NFL season has moved into the playoffs. That, for gamblers, means no more Cowboys-Dolphins match ups to steal money on. Now, gamblers will have to rely on what they think they have learned through the course of the regular season.

Today, the NFL playoffs begin, and several teams are looking to pull upsets on wild card weekend. The games today feature two home teams that are not getting much respect nationally.

The Seattle Seahawks are playing at home in the first game of the day. The Washington Redskins are the opponent, but to listen to the analysts, the Redskins should pull the upset. Over looked by most analysts, however, is Seattle’s ability to win home games. Bettors should consider strongly the Seahawks at home.


In the other game of the day, Pittsburgh hosts Jacksonville. Again, much like the Redskins, Seahawks game, the underdog is getting much airtime around the country. While the Steelers are the home team, the Jaguars are favored.

If history shows us anything, its not to count out the Steelers. In 2006, Pittsburgh was the six seed when they made an improbable run and won the Super Bowl. Even so, Jacksonville appears to strong and among the league’s best, lay the points, collect the rewards.

Game times for today will be 4:30 and 8:00 P.M..

College Football

College Football Playoff Not The Answer For This Year’s Mediocre Teams

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College Football fans around the country are having a field day with the BCS this week. Fans of some of the teams that were left out of the BCS title game will quickly point to a playoff system as the answer.

This season, though, a playoff system would have been a less than appetizing finish to a year that has already seen enough bad football.

The two teams playing in the title game, Ohio State and LSU, both have a much longer list of reasons they should not be in the championship game, then why they should.

Yet they are both playing for the biggest team prize in college football.

So if the two teams playing do not belong there, then who would want to see a team such as Virginia Tech, who was embarrassed by LSU early in the year, playing for a title.

Or how about Missouri, who has twice lost to Big Twelve champion Oklahoma. The Sooners, by the way, took their own embarrassing defeat to a bad Colorado team.

The examples are endless, but the bottom line is this, the Buckeyes and the Tigers are playing for the title because they are the best of the mediocre college football teams this year.

A playoff would not solve anything other than showing which of the top four, or eight, or ten, teams in the country can make the least amount of mistakes during the playoff.

The quicker one of these irrelevant football teams wins the title this year, the better. A playoff system would only drag out a season that has been a disappointment.

The season itself has been excitement enough, and since no team rightfully deserves a national championship this year, play the game, crown the champion, and wake me up when its all over.


Clemens Ready To Gamble on American People Being Naive

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Roger Clemens is ready to face questions that he hoped he would forever avoid. One of the best pitchers of this, or any, generation, faces the new year with questions swirling about his alleged steroid use.

Clemens had been able to avoid the steroid cloud that many other major league ballplayers had been underneath. Now, after the Mitchell Investigation became public, he will have to answer questions.

Tonight, some of those questions will be answered by Clemens on Sixty Minutes. While he will undoubtedly deny steroid use, the burden of proof has now been shifted to him. People no longer will just take his word.

Clemens would like to believe that Americans will be naive enough to just accept what he says as the truth. That truth, however, will be tested if Clemens decides to talk to congress about the issue, and not Mike Wallace.

In Wallace, Clemens has a platform to say what he wants, with no consequence. When Congress comes calling in a few months, lying will not be as easy. Barry Bonds is finding out the hard way that lying to Congress will eventually catch up to you.

So while some of America will watch tonight, and form opinions, most will not give much credence to what Clemens will say tonight. The average American is smarter than Clemens is banking on, and for those with a working brain, it is not hard to deduct that if Clemens’ best friend Andy Pettite was taking steroids, Clemens most likely was right there with him.

So enjoy your act tonight Roger, and us Americans that doubt you will be looking to your day in court, when the stakes will be much greater for the lies you appear ready to spill.